Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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Multi-family construction project in Winkler Manitoba leave neighbours with concerns

A variance was approved for the construction of a 4-plex in Winkler at a recent city council meeting, despite some objections from concerned citizens. Local resident Mel Braun expressed concern the developer had begun work on the project before...

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Productivity: Does the construction industry need more huge contractors?

EVER since the financial crisis, the world has been plagued by weak productivity growth. One explanation is that in uncertain times firms are keener to take more people on to the payroll than to invest heavily in new equipment. The construction...

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Phase one of West Vancouver’s Grosvenor Ambleside condo & retail project nearly complete

Phase one of Grosvenor Ambleside, a mixed-use luxury condominium and retail development in West Vancouver’s Ambleside neighbourhood, is nearly complete. Workers are putting the finishing touches on the first building of 57 homes. The second...

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